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I am off setting alzheimer's by learning new things.  Right now I'm learning to play the guitar!  Woo Dogie it's not easy.  Luckily I played the flute for six years...THIRTY YEARS AGO!!!  But I can still read the note and I know the count (quarter and half notes etc.) so All I gotta do...yeah right...is learn the strings, finger positions associated with the notes!  So far I know G thru G on the top three strings and I can play Love me Tender...Elvis would roll over in his grave, but I can play it!!!  All I can say is pray for me and remember, I'm off setting Alzheimer's!  HAHAHAHA!


We love to go camping.  When we brought Mom and LeeAnn into our home, we intergrated them into our camping lifestyle too.  They loved it!  Good thing, like they had a choice, LOL.
LeeAnn, Mom and Scotty Camper

Me and smores!

Teardrop Camper setup


Hubby fishing



We are members of the Church For All Nations, Liberal, KS.  http://churchforallnations.com/
I am a Life Group leader for "Brown Bag with Bevere," where we meet every Thursday at noon and share the DVD series from John Bevere's Collections (See I Recommend the Following).  This summer we are watching "Driven by Eternity."  It's so powerful!

I am also on the Prayer Team and am called to pray when needed.  I love praying and helping others through prayer.  That may sound corny, but it's true.  I feel closer to God and rejoice with my friends when they have praise reports.  I am blessed by their blessings.


We love to garden.  My husband and I have a peach tree, two blackberry bushes, and two gardening beds.  We planted: Tomatoes, red onions, white onions, yellow squash, zuchinni, garlic, carrots, radishes, spinish, cucumbers, basil, thyme, rosemary, flat leaf parsley, and new potatoes.
The new potatoes are in a special pot that can be lifted out to pull the potatoes when they are ready to harvest without destroying the plant.  At least thats how it's advertised...I'll have to report back on that later!  HA!

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