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The Clockwork Dragon

Short Stories - Anthologies - Occult 
Published by AltWit Press
October 23, 2012
Three Authors. One Legend. One dragon. A legion of demons. Nine stories. Who will survive and who will lose their soul?

The Wishing Well Curse

#1 Best Seller on Amazon
Paranormal Romance/Mystery
Published by AltWit Press
April 15, 2013

In one day, Zeke is a college dropout, homeless, single, and jobless, in Austin. If he accepts an invitation to Colorado he could inherit a fortune from an unknown uncle. But, only if he can break a family curse and restore true love. And what should he do about the ghosts?

Who can he trust? Himself? An Indian Attorney. Her nephew who befriends him. A Hell’s Angels lookalike Pastor. The ghosts. Or his uncle’s clue: the Jabez Prayer.

And why does his crown-of-thorns tattoo bleed every time he goes near the wishing well?

 My Work in Progress:

Thorns of Betrayal (sequel to The Wishing Well Curse) Scheduled for publication February 2014
Paranormal Romance Mystery

   Ever since her father’s mysterious death, Rose Bauer has suffered with migraines. Now she’s hearing voices. Is her father’s spirit trying to contact her? Or is she just crazy?
   Now’s not a good time to be crazy.
   Zeke Clayton claims destiny led him to her door. But how strong can destiny bind two souls when one is as tainted as hers? Is his love for her and faith in God strong enough to survive all her secrets? Will justice ever be served against the one who has betrayed them all?
Christmas Grace, Signing Seeds  Scheduled for publication December 2013
Christian Fiction Novella

A young grieving widow longs to have her husband’s child, but artificial insemination fails her again and again. When the Worship Team Leader asks her to come back and bless the congregation with her gift of sign language during the Christmas Special, her grief holds her back. Can sharing her gift of signing be the seed needed to reap the harvest she so desperately wants? Is God’s grace sufficient?  

The Abraham Project, Artificial Deception
Speculative Fiction
   Molly Jacobsen goes undercover on a planet called Omicron to discover why Kita, her sister, came home from an interplanetary pilgrimage without the baby she birthed on the planet. What's really going on at the Abraham Project six hundred light years from Earth? Why is her sister now sterile? Will the same thing happen to her? Can she come to terms with the faith she dismissed as a teen?
   The project leader’s son, Dr. Austin Abraham—can she truly trust him? Her heart wants to believe. Her mind is another matter. Reason tells her “blood is thicker…” Just like herself, he has his own reasons for being on this planet. Can she possibly rely on blind faith alone, or her divine gift of discernment?

Hunter's Quilt
Speculative Fiction

It was just a Christmas gift from her mom, a plain and simple quilt. The material appears to be old. Really old. But when Crimson Hunter put it on her bed, her life began to change. Could it be a link to her true self? Was she meant to do so much more? Or was it all just a dream?
Dragon's Promise
Speculative Fiction
     Kalo and his daughter, Risma, accidentally save the life of a dragon's hatchling.  Indebted to them for her child's life, she makes a solumn promise to protect Kalo and his village.  When Kalo's own daughter faces death, he claims the Dragon's Promise.  But the dragon has enemies of her own.  Will she sacrifice her own to fulfill the promise, or will she break the spiritual bond they share by letting Risma die?

White Blossom Cottage
Historical Romance/Mystery
     Dahlia and Joseph were never meant to be together.  She the plantation owner's only daughter, he an indentured servant's illegitimate son.  But they had different plans.  Married in secret, she carries his child.  Determined to have control, her father sends Joseph deep into the Civil War battle and reveals Joseph is his illegitimate son, which makes Dahlia's child incestuous.  Or is it? Has it all been a lie?  Deep in the woods sits the White Blossom Cottage where they hide their love, their marriage and all their secrets. 

Reinforcing the Seams
Supernatural Fiction

     Lea Bryson must move away from an abusive marriage, and return to God and His purpose for her life.Her Guardian Angel and several prayer warriors struggle to protect and guide her in her journey.This is their story.

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