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Cover Reveal - Fertility Pirates

by Lynn Donovan

The Abraham Project Series
Book 1

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Book Blurb:
A mission of mercy, a mission of generational hope, six-hundred lightyears from Earth, until deception and greed leaves missionaries desperate to communicate The Abraham Project has been taken over by pirates. An overt message sent home by smuggling one female off-planet will hopefully start an investigation into the pathological profiteering when she arrives hysterical and claiming things that cannot be.

Enraged by the betrayal to her sister, Molly Jacobsen joins the next missionary installment—undercover. Her mission: to find who did this and stop the heresy. What she finds is so much more sinister than she ever imagined. Alone and without backup, Molly must determine who are her allies, and who are her enemies.

Dr. Deuce Abraham keeps showing up in Molly’s life—assigned to her sister’s case on Earth, best friends with her snitch, and enlisted on the next pilgrimage. Despite her abhorrence of him, the trainees take to him immediately, but how can she possibly trust the estranged son of the project’s leader. Yet, how can she deny his medical help with her sister’s case?

She’d do anything for her twin, but is this asking too much? Will the same thing happen to her? And, why does Dr. Deuce’s grey eyes throw off her equilibrium so easily? She must remain focused on her covert mission, or risk loosing everything, including her own fertility.

In the twenty-third century, six hundred light years away, in the constellation of Cygnus, there are two stars which comprise Deneb. Orbiting those solar orbs is a little planet called Omicron, which is home to a nearly extinct civilization of half wolf, half human beings. In desperation, they cry out to anyone in the universe who will help.
A small band of faithful missionaries hear their plea and vow a life-long commitment to help these people by bringing reproductive technologies and the Christian gospel from Earth. Funded by philanthropist, Austin Abraham, the team includes scientists, medical personnel, humanitarians, and Abraham himself. It is called The Abraham Project, a mission of supreme sacrifice. The crusaders graciously give and give. 
But someone has taken too much. Pretense and piracy taints the mission and the self-sacrificing soldiers of God are trapped—until one is smuggled back to Earth.
Molly and Kita, daughters of Pastor Levi Jacobsen, react to the initial humanitarian call with polar responses—one goes, one stays. But, when Kita miraculously returns hysterical, sterile, and clinging to a doll she claims was her baby, Molly goes undercover. Can she disguise her lack of faith well enough to fake a missionary spirit, or will she blow her cover and end up infertile too? 
Dr. Deuce Abraham, Kita’s doctor, is the last person Molly trusts. How can she possibly, he’s the son of Austin Abraham?  Worst yet, he has joined the next missionary team going to Omicron. The very one she is on as a covert operative. He has his reasons for going, and it all sounds legit, but how can she believe anything he says? Can she rely on what her mother calls her “gift of discernment,” or fall back on her tried-and-true gut instincts?  
With help from Gordon, an inside mole; AF, a mysterious contact; and God’s divine favor, she might have a chance to end this cradle of deception and black-market racketeering, if she can keep her mind focused on the furtive mission and not her tenacious heart.

Finally, she, with her baby in her arms, were escorted by the mechanical assistant to the open pod. Pastor Oliver rushed in and offered his left hand, a gallant gesture of assistance, or was he hurrying her along? She accepted the steadying proffer as she stepped up on the lip of the vertical egg-like structure, and leaned back against the cushioned padding. Michael snuggled into her warmth at her right side. 
“You’re absolutely sure?” She held the pastor’s gaze with concerned focus. “Michael will be all right?”
“Miss Jacobsen, I’m so sor—” He cleared his throat, his tone hurried. He glanced over his shoulder, fear tightened his face as he drew in a deep, resolute breath. A large hand gripped his shoulder and the pastor stepped back.
Her eyes followed his movement. Dr. Stork’s neglected teeth, exposed by a broad, exaggerated smile gave his over-indulgent face an ominous appearance, as Pastor Oliver receded behind his superior.
“I assure you,” Dr. Stork continued his mottled cheshire-cat grin as he twisted a valve on her IV line. “You and the child will be fine. You’ll arrive perfectly preserved as you are now. We anticipate no complications.” The Doctor glanced at the retreating pastor and continued. “I have seen to your medical file myself and promise you the healers on Earth will know exactly what to do for you when you arrive.”
Was this reality, or were the pre-hibernation drugs causing hallucinations? A pins-and-needles sensation radiated through her limbs. She tightened her hold on Michael. “Um, thank you, Doctor.” 
New tears sprang to her eyes. Could she trust what she was hearing and seeing? Was the doctor truly helping her escape with her son? “And…” He turned away, but she shoved a dead arm toward him to draw him back. “Thank you…for helping me.” Her words seemed slurred. She turned her head to try to focus her vision from the corner of her eye. “…helpin’ me keeb Mighel…and fur ledding us…gaw home.”
He tenderly patted her left forearm. “Of course, my dear. Any fertility assistance program must allow for a birth mother to have a…change of heart.”
She tried to smile, but wasn’t sure her face responded, as she watched the attendant administer a syringe into her IV tube. A soft hum grew to a loud buzz in her ears. Perhaps, she had mistaken Dr. Stork’s true intentions with the project. Perhaps, he wasn’t such a tyrant to the cause, after all. Before she could allow these new thoughts a place to settle somewhere in her mind, she heard a distant mechanical voice. 
“Just relax, Kita Jacobsen,” the attendant coaxed. It paused over Michael’s IV tube, but leaned in close to her face. “Count backwards, Kita Jacobsen, from one-hundred. Go to sleep, now, Kita Jacobsen.”
Concern filled her heart. Dr. Stork had promised Michael’d be all right. She was beyond the point of return now. She had to trust God, Pastor Oliver and Dr. Stork’s promise. Her eyelids, too heavy to remain open, drew closed. She pulled Michael in close to her side, at least, she hoped that was what she did, her arms were so numb now. She could feel the sedation’s pull on her conscience. 
The attendants continued to work like humming birds around her pod, flitting from one task to another. 
She swallowed hard and licked at her drying lips. She couldn’t move her head to look at Michael, but trusted he was still safely tucked at her side. “One-hunred…” Her tongue felt numb. “Niney-nine…” Her body seemed to float above the cushioned padding. Her heavy eyes, slow blinking eyes glanced over at the Doctor and Pastor. “Niney-eh…”
Wait! Was Michael in Dr. Stork’s arms?
All went black.

And now the moment we've all been waiting for:  The Cover

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you -- Fertility Pirates Cover

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