Sunday, September 2, 2012

Unusual Friends

Do you have friends, past or present, who have unusual names, personalities, memories?  I do.  And for some reason, one of them is on my mind a lot lately.

My unusual friend's name is, believe it or not, James Bond.  He was a special agent (I kid you not) for the Reserves and he looked nothing like Sean Connery!  haha!  But he was a good friend.  Now, here's the fun part of this story.  He and his wife, Georgia, had a couple friend whose wedding anniversary was within a week of theirs and they went out to eat often on a mutually compatible date between the actual date of anniversary, you get what I'm saying.  However, they had to put the reservation in the name of one of the wives.  Why?  Because when the men called the restaurant and told the reservation person they wanted a reservation for four under the name of, you ready for this? Tom Jones and James Bond, the restaurant person hung up on them!  HAHAHAHAHA!

This is all true!!! You can't make something this good up!!!

Georgia Bond and I were good friends and I miss her alot.  Our kids are grown and have children of their own now...where did the time go??? I moved away and lost track.  Shame on me!  But life goes on...right? 

Who do you know that provokes a story just because of their name?  Let's visit on my virtual porch!  Welcome, neighbor!  Have some tea...