Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thorns of Betrayal

Cover Reveal

I am so excited to reveal the cover for Thorns of Betrayal.
This is the second book in the Spirit of Destiny Series
and it is the sequel to The Wishing Well Curse.
The graphic design is by Marcy Rachel Designs.

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The back cover blurb reads: 

His destiny brought them together, but will her past rip them apart?
Ever since her father’s mysterious death, Rose Bauer has suffered with migraines. Visions and voices reach out to her from the intense pain. Is her father’s spirit trying to contact her? Or is she going crazy?
Now is not a good time to be crazy.
Zeke Clayton claims destiny led him to her door. But how strong can destiny bind two souls when one is as tainted as hers? Is his love for her and faith in God strong enough to survive all her secrets? Will justice ever be served against the one who has betrayed them all?


 My Bio:

Lynn Donovan writes from her heart and her passion for Jesus Christ. She is a daughter, wife, mother of four, and grandmother of eight who has five decades of experiences to draw from when creating her stories. She has published a collection of Short Stories, The Clockwork Dragon, and novels such as The Wishing Well Curse with AltWitPress. She categorizes herself as the “sandwich generation” because she is caring for her mother who has Alzheimer’s and her special needs sister. Lynn enjoys reading and writing Christian fiction, paranormal and speculative fiction, but you never know what might inspire a story in her head, so you could see a novel under any given genre.
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