Sunday, July 1, 2012

Do you Feel Like You Can't?

Seriously, do you feel like you can't do what ever it is you want to do?  I want to write.  I have a three bedroom house with one bathroom and four adults living with me. That makes five adults, one bathroom. This picture is of my writing desk, which originally and still is my make-up table.  The papers along the top and sides and stacked next to the computer are all visual aids for the book I was writing at the time.  I sit at this desk and write...what I don't like about it is everytime I look up, I see me in the mirror.  Ugh!  Am I really that fat?  You know, the inner talk!  I try to ignore that critical person inside me!  But my point is...I don't have a quiet, exclusive location where I write.  I write at my kitchen table, at my make-up table, outside on our porch table, where ever...when ever I can.

So, please let me encourage you...if you feel you can't...YES YOU CAN.  Like the shoes: Just do it!  Get 'er done.  When you can, how you can, where you can.  And if you can't, pray about it.  Many, many times, God knows a way.  If we will seek his thoughts, He'll show us how.

What do you think? Come sit on the porch with me and let's visit.