Wednesday, May 27, 2015


As if I don't already have enough to do, I have fallen in love with two litter sisters.

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Nellie and Dellie are Chocolate and Tan Long Hair Mini Dachshunds. They were born April 26, 2015 to Flick Kennel Dachshund breeders in Westcliffe, Colorado, and will be able to come home to us June 21.
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We cannot wait!

Nellie is the first born of the litter. There was a sister (chocolate dapple) born next and then came little Dellie.
Dellie is the runt. They both have the sweetest personality, of course, but there's just something about that smaller size that makes my heart melt. In fact when we went out to the breeder, who lives outside of Westcliffe, Coloardo, and I held both of the two pups (as an effort to decide between the two) my heart fell hard for them both!!!

We anticipate Nellie will be around 11 pounds and Dellie may be 8 pounds when fully grown. They will look something like one of these two examples of Chocolate Long Hair Dachshunds:

Since it will be a month until we can bring them home, I have been like an expectant mother, preparing our nest.  

I have decorated their kennel with a pink and white polka dot ribbon, bought a purple bed, potty training pads, ribbons for their necks and/or ears (since they are both girls!) and dog collars with their names on each with Bling-Bling letters. I also got them harnesses that prevent them from pulling in anticipation of our exercise walks at the Arkansas Riverwalk, at which I will probably carry them because they are too small to walk that far!  HAHA!

I sit around watching Youtube videos every chance I get about training dachshunds and feel I am properly prepared for the day our doxies come home.

Ahem!  I hope.

They already have two older brothers: Binx and Charlie whom I hope and pray will welcome them into their pack (and not teach them all their bad habits!) and a niece: Honey (my daughter's dog, our "grand dog" as it were.)

I anticipate the older dogs will try to inhale the puppies at first (especially Binx), but then will accept them with open...paws.

More on that, after June 21.


I had two Aunties, who were my Great, Great Aunts. Nella Scott and Della Canning. (far right bottom two girls) These ladies were my grandmother's mother's sisters (far right top girl). They were two of nine children born to William and Mary Etta Canning (sitting center of portrait) who settled in Oklahoma in the Sooner's Land Rush of 1889. They came to Oklahoma in a covered wagon. Della and one other child was born in Guthrie, Oklahoma after the settlement. These two Aunts were know as either "The Aunties" or Aunt Scotty and Aunt Dellie. In honor of these amazing women, we are registering our puppies with AKC as Nella Scott and Delta Dawn, and calling them Nellie and Dellie. 

Oh, that seems out of context, doesn't it?  Well Delta Dawn is my most sung song when asked to pick a song and Nella Scott was her real name, so...
(That's the plan, any way.) 

What's more? 

Most of you know me well enough to know I have a set of twin grandsons, Jace and Jacob: 

          ...and now I have a set of twin Doxies. Aww!  I made them some gruffle balls, even though they are not big enough to play with them yet, but they will be by the time they come home. And I will make them each a little quilted blanket from one of my old t-shirts and some other cute, soft material from Wal-mart. I'm going to embroider their respective names on the blankets, just for fun!

Well? I have to do something to make the time pass, and crocheting is normal for an expectant momma.  Right?

So, that's what's new in my world. What's new in yours? Have you done anything crazy lately? ...that you can share?  ROFL!  Come on, let me know I'm not the only one!  Leave a comment. And stay tuned to this blog for updates on the baby Doxies when they come home June 21!
(That's father's day, by the way!)