Friday, May 23, 2014

Rocking Horse Shadows

Cover Reveal

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The Rocking Horse Shadow is my first book published by Astraea Press and will be released later this year. Cora Graphics has been working with me to design the cover. We discussed some really good ideas for the design, and in my head, I saw a terrified couple clinging to one another while a horrific/demonic shadow fell across their trembling forms, being cast from an innocuous child's rocking horse. Cora saw something a little, okay, a lot different. And BOY! Was she right. I think this cover is AMAZING. It FAR exceeds anything I ever imagined.
This must be why I'm the writer and she's the graphics artist! (but I digress)
So with out further ado...

The Rocking Horse Shadows.

It's just an old rocking horse.

At least, that's what Marah keeps telling herself. When renovating the old Smithy’s property with her husband, the antique rocking horse first evoked happiness, and Marah couldn't help but daydream about the possibility of a baby coming into their lives. Starting a family would be the perfect symbol of their recovering marriage.

But then weird things start to happen. Even their dog can sense it. As weird quickly turns into terrifying, everything keeps coming back to the rocking horse—and the evil spirits who haunt it.

And Here's the Cover:


* * * BREAKING NEWS! * * *

Rocking Horse Shadows will be released

JUNE 10th

* * *   * * *   * * *

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one of 5 copies of
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