Gavin Beau Gibson

June18, 2012 1:31 AM, we welcomed Gavin Beau, 7 lbs 14 Oz, 21 inches long and beautiful! His parents, Trent and Adrienne (my son and daughter-in-law) live in Bastrop, TX.  Gavin was born in Austin.  His sisters, Sabrina and Lilly were present at his birth. Thank you God for this beautiful child. You have blessed our family greatly. Thank you for the amazing plans you have for his life.

 Other Family Members:

This is Binx, our Yorkshire Terror, I mean, Terrier!  He is 4 1/2 years old and rules the house.  He is one of three dogs (but please don't let him know he's a dog!!!)  And we don't use the "S" word, (Spoiled) even though he leans in that direction.  He is supposed to be an 8-10 lb terrier, however, he weighs 14 I guess he's an amazon Yorkshire Terrier!  HAHA!  He is the "privileged" one...which means he's the one who goes with us in the vehicle, most of the time...depending on the weather.  The other two typically are put in the back yard.  When we get ready to leave the house, I go to the backdoor and call the dogs, "Here dogs, out side!"  The two come running and Binx sits back and watches.  "Yeah, come on dogs, ya'll go out side...I'm going with the folks."  When we make him go outside too, he slinks out the door as if he were muttering under his breath, "Why do I have to go? I'm not a dog?"
This is Charlie, a Carine Terrier.  We have no idea how old Charlie is, the shelter said less than 2 years, the vet said he was much older.  So...??? He's our Sergeant at Arms, our protector.  He is ALWAYS on duty.  When we are in the back yard, relaxing, he sits with his back to us and guards his family.  He patrols the back yard by sweeping the yard with a quick run through and returns to his post with his back to us.  He call him our Squirrel Warrior, because we will NEVER be attacked by the vicious critters as long as he's around!  Charlie was rescued from the shelter and is the sweetest, most loving dog.  His time on the streets is only evident when there is a thunder storm.  The thunder puts him in my lap, trembling.  He tells me, "You're scared, so I'll sit in your lap, cause you're scared." (yes, I know I repeated that, it's how he talks. :) )
This is Honey, a Golden Retriever.  Honey is the SWEETEST and most pathetic dog ever.  She's about 9 years old, although we're not sure, she also was rescued.  She shakes hands (paw), sits pretty, and this: what ever this is!  She's the one whom the grandbabies can crawl all over and she'll never bite or act displeased in any way.  She's a great camper.  This is her most common pose!  She is a wonderful companion and when she does get riled up and barks, she's scary!  Which is what one wants when someone needs to be afraid to enter our home!  (by the way, that's Charlie using Honey's backside as a pillow.)

This is our Tortoise Shell Calico cat, Dot.  Named for her one white (now cream) hind foot.  This is her favorite position, on the foot rest of my husband's chair, with him of course.  She is the Queen of the Donovan household.  We are privileged to have her in our presence.  She allows us to live here in her know how cats are!  She's a beautiful, multi-colored cat and we love her dearly.  She was born in our home, her mother was rescued.  She looked identical to her mother, except for the one white foot, and I had to keep her.  The other's were given to good homes.
Lee Ann and Jackie
This is my sister, Lee Ann, and my mother, Jackie.  Lee Ann is a rubella baby.  Mother had rubella measles when she was pregnant with her.  She was born blind and deaf, and with a hole in her heart.  Her immune system was compromised as well.  She had cataracts at birth.  She's had over 30 surgeries on her eyes to improve her vision.  She speaks with sign language and is fascinated by sharks.  I can't explain that one, just that it is what it is.
Mom, Jackie, is 77 years old and has Alzheimer's now.  These are the first jeans I've EVER seen her wear, it was weird, but more comfortable than the usual dresses she wears.  She is a very sweet person and adores our animal family members. We are blessed to have her in our home and our lives.
This picture was taken a year ago at the lake Memorial Day weekend.  We went camping, obviously.  The trailer in the background is our teardrop trailer that we built from scratch.  My in-laws slept in it while Mom, Lee Ann, my husband and I slept in the Scotty Highlander...a 12 foot trailer.


We have three granddaughters and three grandsons. In age order: Sabrina, Lily, Jaxon, Jalen, Crimson, and Gavin. They are truly the jewels in our crown (as the bible says) and we love them each and every one.

Jalen and Jaxon, respectively

Crimson Grace Burback

Gavin Beau Gibson

Lilly and Sabrina not pictured, yet. 


  1. aawweeee mom this is soooo cool!

  2. Gavin is so pretty and I'm so happy for Trent and Adriene. I wish I could have seen them but send them my love. Aunt D