Friday, August 3, 2012

Flash Fiction Contest

Hey y'all.  There is a Flash Fiction Contest at during the month of August.  I have entered a story, but cannot tell you which one it is...the contestents must remain anonymous until the end.  However, I invite you to go to the website and read the stories.  Vote on your favorite and at the end of the month, we'll see who wins. 

As I understand it, every Friday a few entries will be posted.  After August 20 a voting poll will be available and you can vote for your favorite story at that time.

What is Flash Fiction?  It is a really short story.  In this contest it was 600 words.  There is a theme and five specific words that must be used in the story.  This month's challenge was: You bring home a bit of fluff. Now what happens? You must include these words: runes, sparkle, lobster, hypethral (meaning partly or wholly open to the sky), and collectibles. Go to the web site and see what the details of the contest was for the month of August.  This is very challenging because the story must have a beginning, a middle and an end.  It's a great exercise for writing tight prose, and I enjoyed participating.

 So...I hope you will go to the Readers Realm every Friday throughout the month of August and vote on your favorite story. 

And leave a comment...lets visit!