Friday, June 5, 2015

How Could You?

In light of everything that's going on in the world, right now, today, How could you?

Sure, Bruce Jenner is a mess. Earthquakes are devistating parts of our world.
My own first-born son and his family are battling his cancer and Chemo treatments. My daughter is having expensive-to-fix transmission problems. Our other house, in Kansas, has been delayed closing because of a horrendous  hail storm and needs roof, gutter, window, etc repair before the mortgage company can close on the sale. I'm sure our new owner is chomping at the bit to move. I'm sure she's given notice to her apartment and is now begging them to let her more more week...I'm sorry, I need one MORE WEEK.

Yeah, we feel it.

Everything we want to do is on hold for the closure too. We preface everything with WTHS (When The House Sales)...

But...I fell in love with two chocolate and tan dachshunds and pledged by deposit to receive them when they are eight weeks old. How could I? You know, it's okay. Sometimes in the midst of worrisome events in our lives, we just have to do something that makes our heart glow with joy and lightens our spirit.

And, frankly, this is another one of those things I've wanted for decades and never could get before.

Which brings me to another point I voiced to my husband yesterday...I am in a season in my life that is so wonderful! God has enriched my life so much. I am learning more and more about God's love, mercy, righteousness, protection, power, etc, etc, etc. I have a steady routine of reading and learning from the Bible every day. I feel like I forgot to brush my teeth if I don't read the Bible first thing in the morning. I call it "Coffee with Christ."

My husband is so good to me. I feel loved by him all the time. I never question his feelings for me...and I couldn't have said that before. And because of him, I am able to fulfill dreams I have had for YEARS.

I am writing and publishing books.

I was able to care for my mother in her last four years of her life, and I have been able to take over guardianship of my special needs sister, LeeAnn.

All without worrying about how it will affect my marriage.

Because my husband loves me so much, he is willing to take my challenges on as his challenges.

We have moved to Colorado...something I've wanted since I was a kid. We have pets that we adore.

My children and grandchildren are welcome in our home anytime and my husband loves them as if they were fruit of his loin. (He's an amazing step-dad to them all.)

 We have enough. Not too much so that we remain humble. Not too little so that we become bitter.

And I have friends who are so dear to us, who also know they are welcome in our home whenever they want or need to come.

And...soon our little Chocolate delights will come to live with us...and I cannot wait!  I'm so excited.
Nelli and Delli at 4 1/2 weeks

 I have gathered various (silly) things I think they will need in preparation of their arrival...well their being released from the breeder at eight weeks.

Janet Flick, Flick Kennels

She's so sweet to me too. Janet Flick of Flick Kennels in Westcliffe. She allows me to come see "the twins," as they refer to my Nelli and Delli, anytime I want, during their customer's visiting hours 2:00 - 4:00 pm.  She doesn't rush me. She sits with us and visits with us, answering our multitude of questions. And we discuss other things too. She is teaching a Fidget Quilt class at the Westcliffe college. That's a quilt with various textured fabrics, what nots sewn in for Alzheimer's patients to lay in their lap and "fidget" with. It's very soothing for the recipient and I wish I'd had one or two for Mom when she lived with us. (BTW Alzheimer's is a terrible disease!!!)

LeeAnn and Me at BBQ
Weenie Race about to begin!

  I'm so obsessed with these baby dachshunds, I have scoured the internet for information on care, training, and feeding. I've Pinterest hundreds of things relating to dachshunds and pinned every picture taken of "the girls" during our visits. I even attended a Weenie Race at our local Holy Smoke BBQ last weekend.

So, here's what you're really waiting for.  Yesterday's photos of Nelli and Delli.  They are five and a half weeks old. Their ears have gotten longer than last we saw them, but they are entering the Pinnochio phase of their growth (as Janet calls it) where their noses will grow longer and their ears will get even longer.
Delli on left, Nelli on right

Delli on left, Nelli on right

Delli, not interested in camera

Delli, okay I'll pose.

My precious pups.
Delli on left, Nelli on right, me in the middle (LOL)
June 21, they come home.  I'm so excited, I have labeled every day on the calendar with the countdown. 16 days from today (BTW).

What are you doing to make yourself happy? Do you delight yourself in the Lord? Please remember me when I say, Don't let the turkeys get you down! Do something that makes your heart glow with joy. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

How could you? How could I not?

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